Liberty Farms and Flour Mill, LLC

We Grow Freedom

Our land has taken care of generations of our family, and now we are thrilled to bring a product from our farm to your pantry.

- Paul & Gina Wilson


A traditional flour mill located in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula


A Rich Tradition

We are passionate about steam engines, farming and flour!


The Wilson family has been tilling the land in West Branch Township, MI since the 1940s.  During the war, the Wilson’s were allotted gas stamps to obtain the necessary fuel to cultivate their initial 10 acres of land.  In the 1950s the family acquired a more extensive section of land, which houses today’s farm and mill operations.  


A BRight future

Fast forward to Labor Day Weekend 2017. As a hobby project, we acquired and a refurbished a Meadows Stone Buhr Flour Mill. We wanted to keep it old school and chose a fitting power source to run the mill; our 1917 Port Huron Steam Tractor. As the steam started flowing and the mill began kicking out our first batches of whole grain, we realized this may not be “just a hobby,” it became a passion. That was the light bulb moment which encouraged us to make flour our business. By the following summer of 2018, our first bag of flour hit the store shelves and we’ve been milling ever since.

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For more information or to place your flour order, Contact Paul or Gina at:

Phone: (906) 942-7007